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Terrorism: An Introduction

NCJ Number
J R White
Date Published
185 pages
Intended for use with introductory courses in terrorism and related security problems, this book discusses the structure and development of terrorism, terrorist groups and causes in various countries and regions of the world, and issues in terrorism.
Chapters on the structure and development of terrorism begin with a discussion of the definitions, typologies, and tactics of terrorism. The subsequent discussion focuses on subnational groups that engage in terrorist violence. This includes the extrajuridicial, repressive activities of police and military units. Other chapters that focus on the structure and development of terrorism address extremism and terrorism in the United States, Western Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. The organizational dynamics and rationales for terrorism are discussed for various terrorist groups. Part II analyzes several major terrorist campaigns of recent decades. The discussion encompasses the Tupamaros of Uruguay and urban terrorism; death squads in Argentina and El Salvador; an overview of domestic U.S. terrorism; Abu Nidal, Hizbollah, and Islamic Jihad; Ireland and the security problem; and indigenous terrorism in Western Europe and the criminal justice response. Part III discusses some of the major controversial issues in terrorism and counterterrorism. These issues include the elimination of the social factors causing terrorism, the outlawing of terrorism, the use of military force against terrorism, terrorism and the media, and the impact of technology on terrorism now and in the future. 330 references and a subject index