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Terrorist Activities in Kyrgyzstan and Precautionary Measures (From Understanding and Responding to Terrorism, P 129-137, 2007, Huseyin Durmaz, Bilal Sevinc, et al., eds. -- See NCJ-224814)

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Kambarali T. Kongantiev
Date Published
9 pages
This paper presents an overview of recent terrorist activities in Kyrgyzstan from the perspective of Kyrgyz law enforcement.
Kyrgyzstan has repeatedly faced the activities of terrorist groups. In 1999-2000 in the South (the Batken Valley), the military was involved in local battles against terrorist guerillas moving from Afghanistan, preventing them from entering neighboring Uzbekistan. On May 12, 2006, a group of terrorists attacked a border post in the Isfana region of the Republic of Tajikistan, seized 17 automatic firearms and then attacked a border post in the Batken Valley of Kyrgyzstan. The terrorists continued by car toward the central part of the country. A special operation killed four of the terrorists and captured one. A search for other members of the group is underway. The goals of the group were to launch religious conflicts and build an Islamic state. The Kyrgyz Republic supports and aims to comply with the principles of the global counterterrorist strategy. It cooperates with international efforts to prevent terrorists from obtaining weapons, assists efforts against countries that sponsor and otherwise support terrorism, and advocates strengthening the capabilities of countries to exterminate terrorism and protect human rights. Kyrgyzstan adheres to resolutions of the United Nations and its Counterterrorism Security Council. It is actively engaged in an antiterrorist campaign that includes the armed forces using new methods and operations. The public is being educated about terrorism, its tactics, and how the public can assist in countering it.