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Theft at Construction Sites

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132 pages
A task force investigated ways to prevent employee and nonemployee theft of equipment and materials from construction sites in Sweden.
The task force determined, that, in large part, stronger management controls could reduce theft. It recommended that theft prevention be a part of the planning process when developing construction projects. It suggested instituting administrative routines conducive to materials control, using available technology to increase physical control (such as large steel containers with locked closures for materials storage), and establishing clear punitive measures for employee theft. Specific measures recommended by the task force include (1) limiting traffic access to the site and ensuring that available roads are visible to the site; (2) maintaining neat and orderly work materials clearly marked and stored in specific locations; (3) scheduling set delivery times and implementing stringent receiving procedures; (4) maintaining accurate and complete inventory records; (5) avoiding high inventory levels that invite waste; (6) storing materials off the construction site when possible. The task force also suggested that employees be brought as much as possible into the planning and management process to promote a feeling of teamwork and that clear guidelines on theft prevention be circulated to all employees.