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Therapy Manual for Drug Addiction Manual 2: A Community Reinforcement Plus Vouchers Approach: Treating Cocaine Addiction

NCJ Number
Alan J. Budney Ph.D.; Stephen T. Higgins Ph.D.
Date Published
April 1998
157 pages
This manual provides guidance for therapists in treating cocaine addiction through a psychosocial intervention that combines the use of a community reinforcement approach (CRA) with a voucher incentive program.
The introduction notes that no consensus exists on how to treat cocaine dependence. However, research on psychosocial treatments for cocaine dependence has produced reports of several effective treatments. The guidelines resulted from five controlled clinical trials conducted in Vermont and focusing on retention of participants in treatment, periods of cocaine abstinence, the reliability of the positive outcomes, the components that were clinically active, and impacts 12 months after treatment entry. The CRA approach was originally developed as an effective treatment for alcohol dependence; the vouchers enable participants who remain in treatment and cocaine abstinence to earn points to exchange for retail items. The manual's chapters present an overview of the program and an explanation of the treatment schedule, components, and structure. They also explain the clinical approach in terms of the needed counseling style, techniques, structure, absences and other issues, documentation, and clinical supervision. Further chapters detail the components and steps in the voucher program, explain intake procedures and the initial treatment session, and provide guidance on the early counseling sessions. Other chapters focus on drug avoidance skills, lifestyle change components, relationship counseling, other drug abuse, other psychiatric problems, and clinical supervision. Forms, checklists, and 53 references