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Thinking About Terrorism and Its Victims

NCJ Number
Victims & Offenders Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Dated: July 2007 Pages: 269-287
David Shichor
Date Published
July 2007
19 pages
This article compares victims of terrorism for similarities and differences to other crime.
This article deals with the victims of and victimization by terrorism. Using criminological and victimological analysis it reviews the numerous definitions of terrorism that are relevant for studying the victims of terrorist attacks. It also explores the similarities and differences between the personal and institutional experiences of victims of mass terrorist acts and those of the victims of other crimes, especially hate crimes. The analysis indicates that while victims of mass terrorism experience many of the same physical and psychological effects as other crime victims do, they are viewed and treated differently by government agencies and the public. The article also explores the use of victimization claims as an explanatory concept for understanding perpetrators of mass terrorist acts. (Published Abstract)