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Time Served in New Mexico Prisons, FY 2004: Analysis of the Impact of Earned Meritorious Deductions

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2004
4 pages
This study calculated the average proportion of time served by New Mexico inmates released in fiscal year 2004 who had earned credits to their sentences under the Earned Meritorious Deductions (EMD).
The analysis focused on the 1,071 inmates who were released from prison between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004, making them eligible for the EMD statutory policy; the 1,071 inmates had 1,264 releases, indicating that some of the inmates had multiple releases during the study period. After reporting on offender demographics for this sample of inmates, the report concludes that serious violent offenders served 86.3 percent of their prison sentence and 89.6 percent of their total sentence during the study period. Offenders who earned 30 days credit for each day served in prison, served 55.6 percent of their prison sentence and 64.3 percent of their total sentence. Analysis of female inmates revealed that the women served similar proportions of their total sentences and slightly less of their prison sentences in comparison to the male inmates. It is anticipated that automated Good Time Figuring Sheets (GTFS) data will expedite this type of timed served analysis in the future. A textbox explains the EMD statutory policy. Tables


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