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Traffic Stops: An Analysis of Officers Killed

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This training videotape depicts and describes the dangers that police officers experience when handling traffic stops and offers recommendations to reduce the chance of being injured or killed in these situations.
The information is based on FBI data covering all police deaths during traffic stops during an 8-year period. The analysis revealed that 45 percent of the police officers were killed early in the stop. The majority of these were killed during the approach, when they were 6-9 feet from the violator's vehicle. A significant proportion of the police officers were shot while leaving their police vehicles. A substantial number of the violators who killed officers at this juncture had just committed or were wanted for a crime. Violators intended to kill the police officers in 60 percent of the cases. Police officers had some hint of danger in one-third of the cases. Twenty-five percent of the police officers were killed during some sort of roadside argument or scuffle. Seventy-nine percent of the police officers were not wearing vests. The analysis also indicated that all pursuits involve high danger. The videotape advises police officers never to let down their guard. Printed synopsis, statistical summary, instructions to trainers, questions, and discussion topics