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Training Strategies for Crisis and Hostage Negotiations: Scenario Writing and Creative Variations for Role Play

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Arthur A. Slatkin, Ed.D.
Date Published
231 pages
This manual provides tools for trainers through a wide variety of realistic, practical, and imaginative training concepts, useful for law enforcement and corrections personnel in crisis and hostage negotiations.
Negotiator training is identified as needing to have more challenge and variety without the abandonment of its two essential elements: scenarios and role play. The focus of this manual is on those skills that require flexibility, creativity, verbal facility, intuitive response, strategic thinking, and genuine engagement. The intent is to stimulate thought and teach new knowledge and skills that trainers can use to become more resourceful and creative, which will then encourage the development of training exercises that are innovative and challenging, but firmly grounded in reality. It is the creative use of role play that is at the heart of the manual. The manual observes training plans, goals and objectives, roles of trainers, scenario writing, subjects and realistic guidelines for role players, creative variations for role play practice, plus feedback and evaluation. In addition, knowledge is aged about constructing scenarios that teach and challenge, making role plays more powerful and enlivening. The manual is intended particularly for law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiators. Appendixes and references