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Tufts Dental Database: A Multimodal Panoramic X-Ray Dataset for Benchmarking Diagnostic Systems

NCJ Number
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics Volume: 26 Issue: 4 Dated: April 2022 Pages: 1650-1659
Karen Panetta; Rahul Rajendran; Aruna Ramesh; Shishir Paramathma Rao; Sos Agaian
Date Published
April 2022
10 pages

The Tufts Dental Database, a new X-ray panoramic radiography image database is presented in this paper.


This dataset consists of 1000 panoramic dental radiography images with expert labeling of abnormalities and teeth. The classification of radiography images was performed based on five different levels: anatomical location, peripheral characteristics, radiodensity, effects on the surrounding structure, and the abnormality category. This first-of-its-kind multimodal dataset also includes the radiologist's expertise captured in the form of eye-tracking and think-aloud protocol. The contributions of this work are 1) publicly available dataset that can help researchers to incorporate human expertise into AI and achieve more robust and accurate abnormality detection; 2) a benchmark performance analysis for various state-of-the-art systems for dental radiograph image enhancement and image segmentation using deep learning; 3) an in-depth review of various panoramic dental image datasets, along with segmentation and detection systems. The release of this dataset aims to propel the development of AI-powered automated abnormality detection and classification in dental panoramic radiographs, enhance tooth segmentation algorithms, and the ability to distill the radiologist's expertise into AI. The application of Artificial Intelligence in dental healthcare has a very promising role due to the abundance of imagery and non-imagery-based clinical data. Expert analysis of dental radiographs can provide crucial information for clinical diagnosis and treatment. In recent years, Convolutional Neural Networks have achieved the highest accuracy in various benchmarks, including analyzing dental X-ray images to improve clinical care quality. (Publisher Abstract Provided)