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UNAFEI Network List 2003

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551 pages
This report presents a listing of all members of the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI) by country.
Established in 1961, the main objective of UNAFEI is to “promote regional cooperation in the field of crime prevention and the treatment of offenders through training and research programs.” During its 40 years of activity, approximately 2,000 overseas officials and 1,000 Japanese officials have participated in UNAFEI trainings. Current UNAFEI trainings are held seven times a year, including three major international courses and a corruption prevention course. The listing contained in this report was published in order to provide contact information for participants, visiting experts, and UNAFEI staff. The goal is to stimulate cooperation, share knowledge, and strengthen the UNAFEI network. Directors of UNAFEI are listed from 1962 through 2002 and Deputy Directors are listed from 1961 through 2002. A listing of UNAFEI staff and faculty from 1962 through 2002 is presented, followed by an International Telephone Country Code table. The bulk of the report contains the names, course numbers, current job, office, and office address of UNAFEI participants as of January 2003, based on research conducted by UNAFEI staff in June 2002. One hundred and twenty-five participating countries and the United Nations are listed. Next, the report contains a visiting expert index in which the names of visiting experts are presented by country, including their course number and page number. Finally, an alphabetical name index is presented with referenced page numbers.