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Understanding and Surviving America's Stalking Epidemic: A Special Report

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Linden Gross
Date Published
137 pages
This report examines the nature and extent of stalking, offers advice to victims regarding how to ensure their physical safety and attend to their emotional well-being, discusses police interventions, and presents policy and program recommendations to improve law enforcement and victim services related to this issue.
The text uses numerous case examples to illustrate the dynamics of stalking, the motivations and criminal methods of offenders, and profiles of particular types of stalkers such as serial stalkers and stalkers with mental disorders. It also details victim attitudes and coping mechanisms, the psychological effects of victimization by stalking, the violence to which stalking can escalate, methods victims use for their personal safety, strategies used by police agencies, and victim services. It gives specific advice on preventing, recognizing, and addressing stalking. Recommended actions to address stalking include an awareness campaign of books, films, and training programs; better protection of victims through teaching personal safety and through victim services; improved police training; improved computer-aided tracking of stalkers; new rehabilitation systems; and networking among public and private agencies to extend victim protection. Reference notes and order form