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Understanding the Criminal Justice System

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This preview videotape is directed to current and prospective law enforcement personnel, provides an overview of crime and the criminal justice system, and depicts the role of the police in the criminal justice system.
The discussion notes that citizens generally agree that central components of justice are for lawbreakers to be punished and for victims to be made whole. Each year 1.8 million violent crimes occur. The criminal justice system represents society's response to crime. It consists of law enforcement, the courts, and the corrections systems at the local, State, and national levels. The police role is to apprehend offenders, collect evidence, protect the community, and respect the rights of the accused. The film depicts police responsibilities from the perspective of a police officer in a patrol car who receives a report of an armed robbery. The film shows the 911 emergency system, the use of computers, the pursuit and arrest of the suspect, the procedures at the police station, and the initiation of prosecution.