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Understanding Elder Abuse in Minority Populations

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Toshio Tatara Ph.D.
Date Published
252 pages
Because much of the research in the area of elder abuse has traditionally focused on the white population, this book was primarily written by minority researchers based on studies of their own indigenous communities throughout the United States.
Major sections of the book deal with African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Native American populations. Chapters focus on types of elder abuse, services for abused elders and their families, barriers to elder abuse prevention, cultural aspects of violence, efforts to improve cultural competence, demographic and immigration patterns, help-seeking behaviors of the elderly, attitudes toward reporting elder abuse, and risk and protective factors in understanding elder abuse and neglect. Although the book primarily deals with minorities in the United States, one chapter is devoted to elder mistreatment in Japan. The book concludes with discussions of the overall impact of elder abuse on minority populations, culturally specific outreach programs, and current knowledge on minority elder abuse. References, tables, and figures