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Use of Fry (Embalming Fluid and PCP-Laced Cigarettes or Marijuana Sticks) Among Crack Cocaine Smokers

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Journal of Drug Education Volume: 38 Issue: 3 Dated: 2008 Pages: 285-295
Ronald J. Peters Jr.; Mark Williams; Michael W. Ross; John Atkinson; Sherly A. McCurdy
Date Published
11 pages
This study investigated whether crack cocaine users had different drug experiences among those who reported any lifetime fry users versus those who never used fry.
Respondents in this study who reported both crack cocaine and fry use were significantly more likely to have been female, to have used marijuana and codeine in their lifetimes, and were currently trading sex for drugs compared to crack cocaine users who did not concurrently use fry. Fry is a “cocktail” of marijuana laced with embalming fluid and PCP, a compound that presents a double or triple dose of possibly synergistically acting hallucinogens. The fact that 43 percent of respondents reported use of fry is a cause for concern, and suggests that its use is widespread in Houston. Given that marijuana is a major ingredient, it is no surprise, then that marijuana use was significantly associated with fry use. Fry is a street drug that may have negative health consequences. The important benefit of this study for the field is to show the need for national surveillance of fry and other drugs of abuse among crack cocaine users. Because drug abuse, sexual history, and mental illness are interrelated, treatment programs should require screening and treatment of all problems concurrently. The field must be knowledgeable of additional substances such as fry that place their patients at greater need for long-term HIV/STI and mental health surveillance. Data were collected from 426 African-American crack users in Houston, TX as part of a larger investigation on the efficacy of a psychosocial intervention to increase condom use by heterosexual crack smokers. Tables and references