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Victim Impact: Listen and Learn

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May 2006
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Victims share their personal stories of crime victimization and the effects and impact of the victimization on, not only themselves but their families and others around them.
This video, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime was created to enhance existing victim impact curricula so that offenders in institutional and community-based setting could view first-hand accounts to help them understand how criminal and delinquent behavior harms others. It introduces to offenders that there is more than the targeted victim(s) involved and affected by their criminal actions. From the primary targeted victim(s) come the secondary victims, such as family and friends. The video is also an effective training resource tool for victim service providers and other professionals seeking to improve their understanding of the physical, emotional, financial, and psychological impacts that crime has on its victims. Fourteen courageous primary and secondary victims of arson-related homicide, assault, burglary, child abuse, crime against a person with a disability, domestic violence, drunk driving, gang-related homicide, hate crime, homicide, rape, and robbery share their experiences as crime victims, demonstrating the ripple effect of one crime.