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Violence Is Not the Answer...You Are

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Date Published
7 pages
This handbook provides information to adults about how to steer youth away from violence and toward positive alternatives.
This handbook explains that violence has become prevalent and common place in our society. As such, it is imperative that adults become involved in teaching young people that violence is not acceptable. According to the handbook, adults serve as powerful role models of appropriate behavior and thus should model positive alternatives to violence for children. The handbook is filled with tips for adults about teaching children alternatives to violence. These tips include rewarding good behavior, being alert to the possibilities of child abuse, communicating openly with children, and treating teenagers with respect. The tips are divided into section for adults in general, for parents, and for entire communities. Tips for parents include disciplining children with intelligence, knowing your childrens’ friends, and monitoring the types of media they are exposed to. Communities can participate in teaching nonviolence to youth by scheduling activities during the after-school hours when most violent acts among juveniles occurs and by creating opportunities for youth to become involved with their communities, such as through jobs or summer programs. The handbook concludes with a list of resources for adults who want to learn more about steering youth away from violence.