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Violent Crime in Florida - A Statistical Summary

NCJ Number
R H Potter; C Johnson; M A Edwards
Date Published
68 pages
Statistics on violent crime in Florida are summarized, along with data on offender and victim characteristics, followed by a consideration of explanations of violent crime in general and factors relating to violent crime in Florida.
Violent crime increased in Florida by 80 percent from 1976 to 1981, and the violent crime rate (per 100,000) increased 52 percent over the same period, giving Florida the highest violent crime rate in the Nation, even when taking into account population, region, and tourist traffic. Geographic variations in violent crime appear to be related to urbanization and tourism. Juvenile violent crime, as measured by arrests, showed an increase from 1976 through 1980 but declined in 1981; however, the rate of juvenile violent crime has decreased relative to adult involvement over the last 5 years. The relationship between offender and victim in violent crimes varies across categories of violent crime; for example, in murders, rapes, and aggravated assaults, at least half of the victims are acquaintances or family members. Robberies, on the other hand, overwhelmingly involve strangers. Little is known about the causes of violent crime in general and violent crime in Florida particularly. It appears, however, that attempts to curb violent crime should target major urban counties. Graphic and tabular data are provided.