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Watch Out, Help Out Your Community: Neighborhood Watch Resources for Native American Communities

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12 pages
After describing the general features, benefits, and requirements of Neighborhood Watch (NW), this booklet outlines five steps in building a successful NW, suggests procedures for establishing a law enforcement/ housing authority partnership, and describes successful NW programs that have been established in Native American communities.
A NW is a group of people living in the same area who want to work together in organizing, planning, and training residents to perform tasks that increase the safety and security of the neighborhood. Activities of various NW groups are as varied as their participants and the neighborhoods in which they live. The five steps in building a NW are recruiting and organizing as many neighbors as possible; contacting the tribal law enforcement agency, housing authority, and tribal elders to schedule a meeting; discussing community concerns and developing an action plan; holding regular meetings and training; and taking action steps. Since successful NW program in many Native American communities are a direct result of actions and activities supported by the local housing authority, this booklet discusses the importance of this partnership. Housing authority officials are charged with maintaining a safe and secure environment for the families they serve, and many of these agencies endorse and support NW programs. One suggestion specifically for Native American NW programs is to build NW activities around tribal traditions, artifacts, historical structure, and culture. Five successful Native American NW programs are briefly described. 8 resource listings and sample NW materials