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What Works: Workplaces Without Drugs

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Date Published
68 pages
This publication examines how managers can best respond to workplace drug abuse.
This publication provides methods that executives, managers, employee representatives, and workers can apply to prevent drugs in the workplace. Examples of effective employee assistance programs (EAPs) operating in a variety of industries, unions, and businesses are provided as well as resources that can aid organizations in achieving drug free workplaces. Topics covered include: how to spot an employee with a substance abuse problem; actions to take if substance abuse is the suspected cause of poor performance; tips for reviewing and improving an organization's options, such as better policies and agreements, and more relevant laws concerning the workforce; how to develop clear policy and procedures for a safe, secure, and healthful work environment; how to establish an EAP; how to constructively confront a potential substance abuser; how to best refer workers to EAP or other available assistance for assessment; tips for developing a company-wide policy and program for realizing a drug free workplace; how to make provisions for union activities to reinforce a drug free workplace; how to organize an informal peer network; and suggestions for exploring EAP options as a cost-effective, humanitarian job-based strategy for helping employees whose personal problems are affecting their work performance. Appendixes