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White Paper on Crime 2007: The Circumstances and Attributes of Repeat Offenders and Countermeasures to Recidivism

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2007
423 pages
This report on crime in Japan as of 2007 contains data on crime trends in 2006, treatment of offenders, trends in offenses by specific offenders and their treatment, trends in juvenile delinquency and the treatment of juvenile offenders, judicial system reform, and the circumstances and attributes of repeat offenders and countermeasures to recidivism.
The report's section on crime trends in Japan in 2006 contains chapters that provide overviews of Penal Code offenses, special act offenses, offenses of various types, offenses committed by and against Japanese nationals outside Japan, and a comparison of crime trends with other countries. The section entitled "Treatment of Offenders" presents data related to the prosecution of defendants, trials, corrections for adult offenders, rehabilitation services, and Japan's international cooperation in criminal justice. The section on trends in offenses by specific types of offenders and their treatment presents data on foreign national offenders, offenders related to organized crime groups, drug offenders, and offenders with mental disorders. Another section of this report contains data on trends in juvenile delinquency, delinquency case dispositions, and juvenile corrections. Two chapters on crime victims present statistics on the damage caused by crime and the services received by crime victims. The report's section that addresses judicial system reform focuses on pretrial procedures, speedy trial efforts, court-appointed defense counsel, enforcement of the Comprehensive Legal Aid Services Act, and the amendment of the Act on the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution. The report's concluding section is entitled, "The Circumstances and Attributes of Repeat Offenders and Countermeasures to Recidivism." Data are provided on repeat offenders in Japan over recent years, the circumstances and attributes of repeat offenders, and countermeasures to recidivism based on criminal records and statistical data. Research is reported on the conditions of repeat offenders of homicide, and current recidivism prevention practices are reviewed. Extensive tables and figures