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Wiretaps: A Complete Guide for the Law and Criminal Justice Professional

NCJ Number
Anthony A. Alberti
Date Published
369 pages
This book seeks to help wiretap investigations case agents prepare and conduct successful investigations.
The book is presented in 14 chapters that review, among other topics: initial requirements for a wiretap, affidavit and application; probable cause, including a glossary, state statutes and associated legal definitions, court orders, confidential sources, surveillance, trash retrievals and surreptitious entry; authorization; conception to termination; evidence maintenance during interception; disclosure and use of intercepted communications; file system; forms; documents; progress reports to the judge; chronological log; electronic surveillance guidelines; verbal telephone conversations; aural/oral conversations; facsimile/computer modem transmissions; video interceptions; responsibilities and instructions for investigative analysts, technical support agents, clerical support personnel, surveillance personnel, supervisors and case agents; and sample wiretap documents. Figures, appendix


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