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Wisconsin Arson Bureau - Annual Report, 1980

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15 pages
The report discusses the organization, function, responsibilities, and activities of the Wisconsin Arson Bureau during 1980 and includes tables and Wisconsin arson statistics for 1980.
The Wisconsin Arson Bureau serves as a supplement to the fire service and local law enforcement. Its services include investigative assistance on fires, (nonfatal and fatal), bombings, and explosions and training in fire and arson investigation. During 1980, the Arson Bureau received 568 requests for assistance covering 620 separate incidents. A total of 65 percent of the requests for assistance originated with fire service agencies and 31 percent were received from law enforcement agencies. The remaining 4 percent came from citizens, district attorneys, and other State agencies. Based on these requests, 415 investigations were initiated by the Bureau. A total of 225 full scale investigations were completed, and 50 cases were finally adjudicated during the year. A total of 47 Arson Bureau defendants were sentenced in 1980, with 33 receiving prison terms and 14 getting probation. In addition, over $65,025 in fines and restitution were ordered.