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Wisconsin Criminal Justice Information - Crime and Arrests, 1980

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24 pages
Crime and arrest data for the State of Wisconsin are presented in tables, graphs, and pie charts in this 1980 annual report.
Crime Index offenses for 1980 include 697 forcible rape offenses, 3,310 robberies, 4,043 aggravated assaults, 50,521 burglaries, and 154,052 theft offenses, as well as 136 murders, 1,907 arson offenses, and 11,479 motor vehicle thefts. The report shows the Index offenses by Wisconsin administrative districts, by population categories, and as a percentage change from 1971. Similarly, the data for violent offenses are illustrated. Type of weapon used for each Index offense, location of the offense, and offenses known in each Wisconsin county are tabulated. Arrest data by county, a map showing crime rates per county, offenses cleared, and assaults on law enforcement officers are given. A glossary of terms is appended.