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Women's Health in Prison: Action Guidance and Checklists to Review Current Policies and Practices

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Brenda van den Bergh; Alex Gatherer; Tomris Atabay; Fabienne Hariga
Date Published
32 pages
This document examines issues concerning the health care of women in prison.
The primary focus of the information provided in this document concerns issues that have a direct impact on the health care of women in prison. Outlined are three checklists targeted at decision- and policymakers to review current policies and legislation; senior prison managers to review current practices and quality; and prison health staff to review current health care services. Also covered are a number of areas regarding the detention and sentencing of women and the circumstances in which they are imprisoned which can influence their health, including their mental health. These checklists are an important tool in ensuring greater safety and better quality medical care for women in prison, and are designed to assist a review of current policies and practices relating to women's health in prisons. While the checklists are aimed primarily at decision- and policy-makers, senior prison managers and prison health staff, there are important interconnections between them. They can also be useful for civil society organizations working on or monitoring the situation of women and their health in prison settings.