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On the Work of the Georgia Courts: 1998 Annual Report

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70 pages
This document reviews the work of the Georgia courts during fiscal year 1998.
The report presents highlights for each month of fiscal 1998. Some of those highlights are: (1) The number of courts using private probation services increased from 314 to 363; cases supervised increased from 58,389 to 81,017; (2) The Supreme Court Committee on Substance Abuse and the Courts began operating a computerized on-line database of treatment providers; (3) All candidates qualifying to run for any judicial office in the State, including incumbent judges, became subject to new Judicial Qualification Commission requirements governing political conduct; (4) Gwinnett County introduced a computerized system allowing magistrate judges to issue warrants via video-conferencing and electronic transmission of signatures; (5) The Georgia Courts Automation Commission installed in the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit Superior Court a state-of-the-art evidence presentation system that allows attorneys to present evidence over monitors located at the judge’s bench, the podium, both counsel tables, the jury box and gallery; and (6) The Fulton Drug Court began operating a substance abuse treatment center to provide counseling, treatment and supervision to drug court defendants. Tables, figures, notes