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Work Release

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M T Charles
Date Published
90 pages
Based on a literature review, a survey of work release programs in the 50 States and the District of Columbia, and onsite visits to work release programs in Nebraska and Iowa, this document discusses the work release approaches which appear the most feasible.
Throughout the presentation, work release is defined primarily as a program in which selected misdemeanants committed to county correctional facilities are permitted to engage in remunerative employment, vocational training, or educational endeavors in the community during certain hours of the day, while residing in a correctional facility the remaining hours. The literature review covers community-based corrections in general, community-based corrections and the protection of society, the short-term community-based program, economic comparisons of community-based corrections and incarceration, and information on work release. There was found to be an inadequate body of information on work release programs (methods and procedures) which hinders the development of effective work release systems, particularly for jails. Suggestions are offered for work release methods and procedures in the areas of eligibility criteria: selection process; work-release orientation; employment (employer-employee responsibility, work release earnings, and earning disbursements); furloughs; recreation; diminution of term; personnel; discipline, revocation, and appeal; the work release center; and evaluation criteria. Appended is an analysis of the Douglas County, Neb., work release program. A bibliography of about 115 listings is provided.