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Wyoming State Penitentiary Controlled Substance Use Patterns of Incarcerated Adult Male Offenders: Part I

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D Shillinger
Date Published
141 pages
In order to examine the controlled substance abuse patterns of Wyoming's adult male corrections population, a sample of 853 inmates incarcerated at the Wyoming State Penitentiary completed a questionnaire on substance abuse.
As the survey questions were coded and tabulated, specific crime-type categories were organized for random samplings; these categories included murderers, burglars, drug offenders, and inmates assigned to honor farm or community programs. The study examined penitentiary population and corrections system characteristics, recidivism rates, and controlled substance use characteristics based upon inmate responses to the survey. The findings suggest that substance use and trends may be associated with age, instant crime, prior convictions and incarcerations, duration of criminal activity, duration of substance abuse, and function of substance use in the offender's lifestyle. 20 tables, 1 appendix, 50 notes, and 21 references