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Year by Year Review of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 1931-1980

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125 pages
This yearly review of the Missouri State Highway Patrol's first 50 years discusses manpower, structure, equipment, buildings, uniforms, and troopers killed in the line of duty or wounded at the hands of others.
The development of the State Highway Patrol is illustrated by numerous photographs, summaries of activities for each year, reprinted regulations followed by the patrol in succeeding years, maps that portray the more rural nature of the State in the 1930's, and reprinted newspaper articles. Graduating classes from the State Trooper Academy are shown in photographs for each year. Personnel in the department are listed for all the years covered in the review. The report notes that the patrol has experienced tremendous growth in manpower and scope of operations since 1931. There are now 837 troopers to patrol and oversee approximately 32,000 miles of State roads traveled by 5,100,000 vehicles, as compared with 55 troopers on 8,000 miles of roads traveled by 750,000 vehicles in 1931.