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This manual and videotape are intended to aid jail managers in Florida to comply with the Federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act and with State laws regarding juveniles.
The Federal law has three main requirements that are designed to protect juvenile detainees from physical and psychological abuse. First, the incarceration of juveniles in adult jails is prohibited except under very specifically defined and strictly controlled situations. Second, in cases in which juveniles may legally be held in an adult facility, State and Federal laws require total sight and sound separation between juvenile and adult detainees. Third, juvenile status offenders may never be held in secure adult detention facilities, and several criteria must be met to place a status offender in non- secure custody. Corrections administrators should also be aware of the requirements regarding the placement of status offenders in secure juvenile detention facilities, prosecution of juveniles as adults, and the handling of juvenile traffic offenders. The videotape is introduced by Burt Reynolds.