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Youth for Justice: Making a Difference

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30 pages
This booklet describes Youth for Justice's five national organizations and lists State program contacts, which offer an array of law-related education (LRE) programs and activities for youth in their schools and communities.
LRE helps youth avoid delinquent behavior and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of effective citizens. LRE enlivens social studies, language arts, and science courses through interactive instructional strategies. As one of Youth for Justice's national organizations, the American Bar Association Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship supports State and local efforts to encourage youth to view themselves as both the sources and the subjects of law in democracy; develop access to and understanding of the law as a common bond in a diverse society; and promote the use of LRE as a prevention strategy for safer schools and communities. Another national organization, the Center for Civic Education, is engaged in the research, development, and implementation of education programs in civics, government, and the law for elementary and secondary schools. The Constitutional Rights Foundation, a third national organization involved in Youth for Justice, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to educating youth to be more effective citizens through law-related education. The National Institute for Citizen Education in the Law is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to strengthening democracy and justice through education about law and democratic values. Phi Alpha Delta Public Service Center is a community service-based professional organization that recruits and trains law students, lawyers, and other legal professionals to serve as community resource partners with educators in K-12 classrooms as well as alternative classroom settings and community programs. The State contact list consists of information on Youth for Justice coordinators who can direct persons to State LRE programs and resources.