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BJS Releases HIV in Prisons, 2021 – Statistical Tables

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division of the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, today released HIV in Prisons, 2021 – Statistical Tables. This report provides data on persons in the custody of state and federal correctional authorities who were known to be living with HIV in 2021.

“While about one percent of persons in state and federal prison were living with HIV, testing and monitoring remain important to assess long-term trends,” said Dr. Alex Piquero, Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The report presents national- and jurisdiction-level estimates of the number and rate of prisoners living with HIV while in the custody of state and federal correctional authorities. Jurisdictional data on HIV testing practices during intake, while in custody and during discharge planning are also included.

Title: HIV in Prisons, 2021 – Statistical Tables (NCJ 305379)

Author: Laura M. Maruschak, BJS Statistician

Where: https://bjs.ojp.gov/library/publications/hiv-prisons-2021-statistical-tables

The Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice is the principal federal agency responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating reliable statistics on crime and criminal justice in the United States. Alexis R. Piquero, PhD, is the director.

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Date Published: March 16, 2023