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The Community Corrections Special Feature captures federal and federally-funded publications and online resources related to community-based corrections.

Marshaling Resources to Address Addiction in the Midst of a Pandemic

Covid-19 Virus

Our nation is facing a challenging time. The ways in which many of us live our lives have been disrupted by a global pandemic. As our President has said, “defeating this unseen enemy requires the help and commitment of every single American,” and “[we] continue to marshal every resource at America’s disposal in the fight…”

During this time of restricted movement, changing infrastructure, and stretched...

Archived Solicitations Fiscal Years

This is an archive of Office of Justice Programs closed solicitations and is provided for reference purposes only. It was current when produced, but is no longer maintained and some links may no longer function.

Transcripts - The First Hearing on Sexual Violence by the Review Panel on Prison Rape

November 14, 2006 - Transcript

Welcome and Introductions

Steven McFarland, Director, Task Force for the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, U.S. Department of Justice

Carroll Ann Ellis, Director, Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department Victim Services

Ted Sexton, Sheriff, Tuscaloosa County (Alabama) Sheriff's Office

Panel -1

John Dovey, Director, Division of Adult Institutions, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Wendy Still, Associate Director, Division of Adult Institutions...