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Accessing Grants to Strengthen Justice System Capacity Workshop Part 2 (Webinar)

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The Department of Justice launched its Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) in direct response to concerns raised by tribal leaders about the Department's grant process that did not provide the flexibility tribes needed to address their criminal justice and public safety needs.

In Fiscal Year 2019, the department awarded over $273.4 million in grants to improve public safety, serve victims of crime, combat violence against women and support youth programs in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

The awards included more than $138 million for 149 American Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages, tribal consortia and tribal designees under CTAS.

Tribes are using these funds to enhance law enforcement, combat domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking, bolster justice systems, prevent and control juvenile delinquency, strengthen the juvenile justice system, serve sexual assault and elder victims, and support other efforts to address crime. Additionally, FY19 included up to $133 million to be used to serve tribal victims of crime.

This workshop is designed to provide previous and new CTAS applicants with tools and guidance that may assist with the tribe's efforts to access grant funding and other resources to improve their justice systems.

Workshop sessions will be led by Department personnel and experienced technical assistance providers and will focus on topics such as: 1) strategic planning to support a strong program design; 2) writing a proposal; 3) grant writing tips; and 4) DOJ funding opportunities and training and technical assistance resources.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Date Created: February 3, 2021