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Technical assistance (TA)

Meeting People Where They Are to Improve Institutional Culture

August 2023

Incarcerated individuals deserve opportunities for healing and growth, but they often lack the necessary resources for such opportunities. Additionally, organizational cultures that don’t support these outcomes often stand in the way. Researchers and practitioners gathered at NIJ’s 2023 National Research Conference to share ideas and projects that will increase opportunities for incarcerated populations around the country. This show continues their conversation. 

Building the Evidence Base

October 2022

What is evidence-based research? Why is it important to measure program activities and impacts and what are some strategies to do so? How can research be used to support engagement and empowerment for historically marginalized and underserved communities? Find answers in an recorded discussion moderated by Linda A. Seabrook, Senior Counsel for Racial Justice & Equity for OJP, with a panel of distinguished experts in the field.

The National Public Safety Partnership Launches 10 New Sites to Continue its Support of Collaborative, Community-driven Violence Reduction

National Public Safety Partnership logo

In 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) piloted a unique new approach to delivering collaborative assistance to communities experiencing high rates of violence—the Violence Reduction Network (VRN).

VRN enabled BJA to join forces with mayors, police chiefs, and a community’s criminal justice stakeholders to develop customized technical assistance for addressing the wide range of public...

Workforce Calculator Project

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April 2022
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