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FY 2024 Solicitation Webinar – Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence Program

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In this webinar, representatives from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and BJA's Forensics Training and Technical Assistance Program will review the FY24 Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence solicitation and application process.

With this solicitation, BJA seeks to assist in defraying the costs associated with postconviction case review, evidence location, and DNA testing in violent felony cases (as defined by state law) where the results of such testing might show actual innocence. The program ensures the availability of fair and impartial administration of justice to individuals who may have been unjustly convicted.

To use the time most efficiently, BJA encourages participants to review this solicitation and submit any questions in advance to [email protected] with the subject "Questions for FY2024 Solicitation Webinar – Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence (Postconviction) Program."

Date Created: March 6, 2024