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Mental Health Awareness Month TIJF Webinar: Moral Injury

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Professionals in the helping fields are more likely to be exposed to conduct, material and circumstances that can lead to vicarious trauma. Individuals can be personally affected by the trauma of victims and others they witness and work with on a daily basis which can impact them professionally and personally.

In the line of duty, when an individual is in a position to have someone else's life or safety in their hands and is required due to the circumstances, to be witness to an act or directly act in a way that goes against their own moral beliefs, a moral injury can occur. This type of impact, often considered a "soul wound" and can lead to a shattering of one's worldview, one's belief and trust in others and potentially, one's trust in oneself.

This presentation will discuss vicarious trauma and the effects of moral injury, as well as, identify tools and techniques to mitigate the negative effects on individuals in the workplace and personal lives.

Date Created: May 2, 2022