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Sustaining Your Program's Capacity To Serve Victims

National Victim Assistance Academy
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Sustainability is the capacity of a program or organization to accomplish long-lasting success and stability by establishing the organization or program as an essential service to victims and the community.

Victim service organizations and programs need to plan for sustainability to continue providing high-quality services to victims of crime. The Sustaining Your Program's Capacity To Serve Victims training is designed for program managers and addresses what sustainability means, how to assess a program's sustainability, the eight sustainability domains (Program Adaptation, Strategic Communications, Program Evaluation, Supportive Environment, Organizational Capacity, Strategic Partnerships, Resource Development, and Strategic Planning), and how to develop a sustainability plan.

Part of the National Victim Assistance Academy (NVAA), this training will be delivered online, over the course of 6 weeks, beginning on April 18, 2022. Each week, except for the introductory week, will include a facilitated webinar. There are recommended readings and videos, as well as written assignments. Participants should expect to spend about an hour per week on the assignments, in addition to participating in the 75-minute webinar. CEUs will be awarded for those who complete all requirements.

See the NVAA Effective Management Series Schedule, Goals, and Objectives page to learn more.

Date Created: April 4, 2022