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Youth Violence

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The term "youth violence" covers a broad spectrum of behaviors that can include fighting, bullying, and gang-related violence. It can cause children emotional and physical harm, with potential long-term negative impacts on their health and wellbeing.

Youth violence and its diverse ramifications have long been a major challenge for American police chiefs, school staff, and municipal leaders.

Research supported by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention analyzed interventions aimed at reducing youth gun and group violence. The study found that the most effective programs used case management and services, enhanced surveillance, outreach workers, and public perception campaigns.

A research review completed with National Institute of Justice (NIJ) funding examined factors driving disparities in youth firearm violence and highlighted preventive interventions and gaps in efforts focused on structural and sociocultural factors.

Violence in schools not only affects the individuals involved, it can also disrupt the education process and negatively affect youth and adults in the school as well as the surrounding community.

Another type of youth violence, teen dating violence, is a widespread issue that can lead to serious short- and long-term effects. Examples of teen dating violence include physical and emotional harm as well as stalking. Once a teen experiences violence in one relationship, research has shown that they are at significant risk of experiencing violence in another relationship.

Young victims of crime are generally underserved, and the systems responsible for caring for them can be fragmented and ineffective. The Office for Victims of Crime is committed to improving services for all victims of crime, including those exposed to different forms of violence.

Through the CrimeSolutions website, NIJ provides reviews of programs and practices meant to prevent violence and provide services to those impacted by crime. The CrimeSolutions site includes information about a variety of topics, including crime in schools, youth gangs, and youth violence victimization.

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