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FY 23 Grant Awards - Supporting Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Advancing Community Safety and Justice

More than 440,000 people returned home from state and federal prisons in 2021 alone, while yearly releases from local jails are estimated in the millions. Just over 25,000 youth are in residential placement, poised to return home, based on a one-day count in 2020. OJP is awarding almost $70 million in FY 23 to support services for people of all ages who are in or leaving confinement. The Department’s significant investments in Second Chance Act adult and juvenile reentry programs include efforts to expand education and employment opportunities, improve continuity of care, support incarcerated parents of minor children, advance evidence-based community supervision services, and work to protect incarcerated individuals from harm.


The list below includes solicitations that support this topic area. For award details, please click on the FY 23 Awards by Solicitation link on the above left-hand side of the page.

Solicitation Title
BJA FY 23 Prison Rape Elimination Act Resource Center
BJA FY 23 Second Chance Act Improving Adult Reentry Education and Employment Outcomes
BJA FY 23 Second Chance Act Pay for Success Program
BJA FY 23 Second Chance Act Smart Supervision Program
BJA FY 23 Swift, Certain, and Fair (SCF) Supervision Program: Applying the Principles Behind Project HOPE

*Funding amounts do not include congressionally directed spending or continuation awards.

Date Published: September 27, 2023