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Adult Sex Offenders in Oregon: Trends and Characteristics

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81 pages
This report on adult sex offenders in Oregon considers historic trends in sex offenses, arrests of sex offenders, and sentencing; sex offender characteristics; and system responses to sex offenders.

Based on the findings of this study, the report recommends the refining of sex offender sanctioning goals and strategies, since targeting can enhance sanctioning effectiveness by improving the match between sex offenders and sanctions. There is a need to develop more specific statutory definitions of sex offenses that can be tied to particular sanctioning responses. Further, policies regarding access to juvenile court records should balance considerations of confidentiality for juveniles' records with the system's need to assess accurately sex offender risk levels. A standard format for presentence investigation reports should be developed, so as to enhance the effectiveness of decisionmaking about sex offenders and improve research and evaluation capabilities. The Department of Corrections pilot risk instrument should be refined and validated and policies and procedures developed for its use. As part of the overall structured sanctioning evaluation, the Department of Corrections should focus on outcomes of sex offender cases. Finally a systemwide research agenda should be developed to minimize duplication of effort and make the best use of limited evaluation resources. 55 tables, 11 figures, and appended supplementary information

Date Published: January 1, 1994