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Business Process Description Version 1.0

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Date Published
August 2023
Publication Series

The main document provides a template for the Business Process Description Document, highlighting business scenarios with primary and alternative flows, and a service interaction process model; other items in the ZIP file include a document with Business Process Modeling Notation diagrams that illustrate the Service Interaction Process Model Profile for modeling the Event-Driven, Request-Response and Query-Response service flow Archetypes, and an artifacts folder with a Business Process Model and Service Interaction Process .jpg file.


The template Business Process Description Document (BPDD) is provided for use with the Service Development Process; its main purpose is to describe and illustrate a business process and a corresponding service interaction process flow that meets the exchange and processing requirements where the business process calls for multiple exchanges or services. The template document lays out the various sections of a BPDD and provides explanations describing the information that should be included. BPDD template sections include: Business Process Description; Business Scenarios; Service Interaction Process Model; GRA (Global Reference Architecture) Service Specification Package (SPP) References; and appendices with references, glossary, document history, and a document history for the BPDD Template Instructional Guide.

Date Published: August 29, 2023