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Client Profile Query Response Service - Justice Service Specification, Version 1.0

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Date Published
August 2023
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The documents in this ZIP file contain information about the Client Profile Query Response Service requirements and processes as well as supporting documentation for guiding agencies to efficiently share justice service information.


This Client Profile Query Response Service-Justice (CPQRS-J) Service Specification provides a formal description of the capabilities made available through the service; the service model that defines the semantics of the service by representing its behavioral model, information model, and interactions; the policies that constrain the use of the service; and the service interfaces which provide a means to interact with the service. The service specification gives the service consumers the information necessary for consuming the CPQRS-J service, and service providers the information necessary for implementing the service in a consistent and interoperable way. The main components of the Service Specification are the Service Description, the Service Interface Description Document, and the schemas and the samples required to implement and test the service. This Justice Service Specification is a ZIP file which includes schema, artifacts, and sample folders, each of which contains relevant documentation sub-folders and files. The service model folder includes behavior and information model sub-folders, which include a Justice Client Profile (JCP) Information Exchange Documentation Package (IEDP). The IEDP Master Document provides an overview of the JCP, noting its purpose as being to provide the following: an information model that supports the exchange of data using the Client Profile Query Service (CPQS) and the Client Profile Response Service (CPRS); logical structure, including exchange schema, extension schema, and structures schema; mapping of specific entities and data elements; and appendices with a glossary and document history. Other components of the IEPD include the following: JCPD IEPD Mapping document and worksheet, which provide more information on entity and data mapping; other Excel spreadsheets, such as the Conformance Report; XML schemas and samples; Change Log; and the CPQRS Business Process Model document, BPM file, and JPG.

Date Published: August 29, 2023