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Corrections Data Mining

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This article discusses the objectives and implementation of the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) Intelligence Gathering and Sharing Project, which aims to help corrections departments in the selection of data analysis/data mining software for intelligence operations.
The project will ultimately not only help correctional administrators across the country select the data analysis tools that meet their needs but also improve their intelligence gathering and sharing capabilities. Two major players in the project are State correctional personnel from Nebraska and Iowa, which had information sharing projects underway prior to involvement with the project, but needed help in refining the process and accelerating their timetables. The purpose of selecting appropriate data mining and analysis software for a database is to identify previously undetected relationships and patterns in the data collected, which enables both corrections and law enforcement to use resources more effectively. Nebraska has been particularly interested in compiling and analyzing data potentially related to inmate drug use. When Nebraska became an evaluation site for NIJ's Intelligence Gathering and Sharing Project, the existing data categories related to drug use were expanded and modified. The State now collects information on every visitor and every phone call received by inmates, along with information on additional inmate incidents and inmate identifiers. Iowa had also collected similar information and saw it expanded under the project. Both States anticipate the use of data analysis/data mining software under the project that will facilitate the development of new measures to counter inmate drug use and other problems in the management of offenders.

Date Published: January 1, 2004