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Developing and Administering Accountability-Based Sanctions for Juveniles

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Date Published
September 1999
12 pages
This document describes how to develop and administer accountability-based sanctions for juveniles.
The accountability-based juvenile justice system: (1) regards crime victims, the community and juvenile offenders as clients; (2) makes community restoration and victim reparation by offenders a priority; (3) seeks to ensure that offenders understand the impact of their crimes; (4) attempts to develop community service options that are valued by communities and crime victims; and (5) attempts to educate the community on its role. The role of the community includes providing opportunities for valued community service and paid work experience for offenders; assisting crime victims, their families and their support systems; assisting offenders in completing obligations by providing support; and sharing responsibility for monitoring offenders. Exemplary programs include: Intermediate Interventions, Diversion, Victim/Offender Interaction, Intermediate Sanctions, and Secure Corrections. The paper describes the experience of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), PA, with a system of accountability-based sanctions. The paper also contains an in-depth description of the US Department of Justice Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Program and a list of the 12 program purpose areas. Note, references

Date Published: September 1, 1999