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The Effect of an Evidence-Based Intervention on Women's Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence

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American Journal of Orthopsychiatry Volume: 84 Issue: 4 Dated: 2014 Pages: 321-28
Date Published
8 pages

The authors describe their analysis of the efficacy of an intervention program aimed at reducing women’s exposure to intimate partner violence; they lay out their research methodology, outcomes, and policy implications.


This study tested the effectiveness of an evidence-based intervention for reducing women’s exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV). One-hundred and twenty women who had experienced IPV in the last 2 years were assigned to a treatment or comparison group condition using a sequential assignment paradigm. Treatment group participants completed a 10-session evidence-based intervention, the Mom’s Empowerment Program, designed to treat common mental health issues after exposure to IPV and assist women with access to resources. Women were interviewed at baseline and at six- to eight-month follow-up regarding the level of IPV they had experienced. Violence victimization significantly decreased for women in both conditions between the baseline interview and the six- to eight-month follow-up. Participation in treatment was related to an augmented effect of violence reduction such that women participating in the intervention experienced greater declines in violence than those who did not participate in the treatment program. These findings support the hypothesis that this treatment model, which combines mental health and advocacy services, is effective in reducing violence revictimization risk for women exposed to IPV. Publisher Abstract Provided

Date Published: January 1, 2014