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Evaluation of a Mobile Simulation Training Technology -- PRISim

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92 pages
This report presents an evaluation of the Professional Range Instruction Simulator (PRISim) system in Kentucky, Texas, and Washington.
The PRISim system is an interactive firearms/judgment simulation program designed to enhance the skills of accuracy, effective use of cover, and judgment during firearm use for police officers. The evaluation data include a review of the pilot test study of the PRISim program, a pre-training questionnaire, a training assessment instrument, and a post-training interview. Participants in the evaluation included 181 officers who held the rank of either “officer” or “deputy” and had, on average, 12 years of law enforcement ability. These 181 officers completed all 3 sessions of the PRISim program and had both their attitudinal and performance measures collected during the evaluation. Attitudinal measures were collected by asking about scenario realism, the comfort of interaction with the system, and whether they felt better prepared in the field after going through the program. Performance measures included accuracy with the firearm, tactics, judgment, and safety. The evaluation results revealed that the PRISim program was effective in building and enhancing the safety skills of officers, the second training period was the most educational, and there were few negative effects on the officers’ skills as a result of the training. Furthermore, both the pre- and post-training questionnaires revealed that officers held positive attitudes toward the PRISim program. Appendices contain the evaluation questionnaires, a list of the PRISim Evaluation Advisory Council Members, scenarios used during the evaluation, a letter of informed consent, the multivariate regression analysis tables, and system specifications.

Date Published: January 1, 2003