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Evaluation of Safe Streets Treatment Option to Reduce Recidivism Among Repeat Drunk Driving Offenders

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Criminal Justice Policy Review Volume: 30 Issue: 9 Dated: 2018 Pages: 1368-84
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17 pages

This paper examines the efficacy of the Safe Streets Treatment Option Program, aimed at reducing drunk driving and recidivism among repeat offenders, it also lays out some policy implications and recommendations for future action.


Drinking and driving poses a significant issue in the United States. Repeat offenders are especially problematic as they are responsible for a high proportion of all drunk driving offenses and are more likely to continue in their drinking and driving behaviors. This study examines the effectiveness of the Safe Streets Treatment Options Program (SSTOP) in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, to reduce recidivism among repeat offenders. The results indicate that participants of SSTOP had significantly fewer convictions, fewer subsequent sentences to incarceration, were sentenced to fewer days incarcerated in jail for subsequent offenses, and were less likely to receive another Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) conviction than those in the comparison group. The authors also discuss policy implications and directions for future. Publisher Abstract Provided

Date Published: January 1, 2019