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Exploring the advantages of amplifying the entire extract versus splitting the extract and interpreting replicates using a continuous model of interpretation

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Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences Dated: 2021
Date Published

This study used a fully continuous probabilistic genotyping software to compare the effectiveness of amplifying a single sample compared to splitting the sample and conducting a joint analysis of replicate amplifications


Previous studies that have examined whether splitting the DNA extract for replicate amplification versus maximizing the template available for a ‘one-shot’ amplification either examined the benefits of using replicates (without a comparison to a single amplification) or used semi-continuous probabilistic software that ignores peak height information. The current study shows that the one-shot approach is marginally better than splitting the DNA extract across a range of contributor numbers and template amounts. Where there is unexpected peak height variability or drop-in within the profile not modelled during interpretation, a replicate approach may be better. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2021