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Florida Criminal Justice Workforce Research Information System, Summary of Findings

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The Florida Criminal Justice Workforce Research Information System was designed to extract data from two transaction management information systems to describe and analyze the criminal justice workforce in Florida and to forge partnerships with diverse criminal justice agencies having a mutual need to understand their respective workforces.
The system was also created to pilot test the concept of developing a new research information source from existing data systems, to design research files to enable internal and external researchers to use data for analytical purposes, and to describe the methodology used to create the system in sufficient detail to enable other states to replicate the system. Data were extracted from the Cooperative Personnel Employment System and the Automated Transaction Management System. The project was jointly conceived, designed, and completed by two State-level criminal justice agencies with diverse missions and responsibilities, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Corrections. Final tools resulting from the project are research files that can be readily accessed and analyzed by internal and external researchers. It is recommended that any State attempting to replicate the workforce project ensure a researcher is allocated solely for the purpose of analyzing workforce data sets. Data analysis issues and problems encountered in the course of the project and future system development are discussed.

Date Published: January 1, 1996