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Forensic DNA Testing Program in Connecticut

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This report documents the progress achieved under a Federal grant intended to fund the upgrading of the DNA testing capability of Connecticut's Forensic Science Laboratory.
One of the project's objectives was to achieve appropriate retraining for forensic biology personnel and continuing education for DNA scientists. A second objective was to purchase equipment and materials to expand the DNA capabilities of the DNA Unit to include STR methodologies and training in the use of this instrumentation. Further, the project encompassed the validation and implementation of new STR PCR-based technologies. A third objective was to complete the CODIS requirements for a data bank system, including the purchase of the necessary hardware and software equipment and the linking of the Connecticut system to the national network; the intent was to complete the statewide DNA database and use this in the examination of sexual assault cases. All of the aforementioned objectives have been achieved, and the project has increased the efficiency, productivity, and service capacity of the data bank, allowing the laboratory to meet the projected demands of both casework and data basing. In addition, the laboratory has complied with national standards and project priorities established by the FBI and the National Institute of Justice. Data on project achievements and expenditures are provided.

Date Published: January 1, 1998